Life is Beautiful Art & Family Session

I like my photography to reflect life. This usually includes kids running, laughing, and maybe even shedding a few tears. Those are the photos I love the most because they are a true reflection of our lives. We aren’t posed and always looking in the same direction. Of course, I do get a little giddy when it DOES actually happen that everyone is looking AND smiling at the camera, but lets face it… that’s not reality for most of us! With my kids, I usually get them looking, or I get them smiling. Rarely do I get both in the same image, so I quit trying. I remember a couple of years ago I did a large family session for a good friend of mine. Our favorite photos ended up being ones with her son laying on the ground ignoring us. He just didn’t want to sit and smile, and that’s OK! I would rather capture the real him, stubborn and all, than one of those scrunchy-nosed, show-all-your-teeth kind of smiles that kids give when they are forced to say cheese.

I always try to have fun with the families that I photograph. This family in particular just happened to be a blast! I hope they feel that I caught the “real” them.  I think from the genuine smiles these boys have, I have succeeded in capturing them as they are- full of energy and love!  Mom suggested the location and I couldn’t have picked a better one myself! Kind of made me fall in love with downtown Las Vegas.  Who knew it was so beautiful down there?

This first photo is one of my favorites. I edited out the kids to give an alternate image, but I feel like this sums up life with kids. I kind of prefer the image with the kids running in circles around mom and dad.   It is a perfect example of the life-inspired art that I strive to create at my sessions.

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