Group Breastfeeding Sessions

I am exhausted from the last THREE weeks straight of group breastfeeding sessions, but so proud of the work that has come out of it! I was able to capture such beautiful moments in time. I am blown away at the beauty of all of the woman that joined us.

In a stark contrast to the group breastfeeding sessions downtown, another one of my (obvious) favorite settings is the dry lake bed. I love the desert for these kind of gems! The first group session at the lake bed went flawlessly. The weather was amazing, the light was perfect, we weren’t rushed! The next day was when the wind picked up and continued through the day of our next session. It had literally just started calming down to something more than a breeze when we met for the session, but the temperatures were much cooler than the previous week. The babies were not huge fans of the chilly breeze, but they braved it out long enough for me to at least get a couple of shots before the tears set in.

The second group was my largest group breastfeeding photo to date- Twenty-two women and twenty-three babies! Here is a glimpse of the beautiful women and babies I had the pleasure of photographing, from the group breastfeeding photos, to individual images. So. Much. Beauty.

I am incredibly proud of all of the women who participated in my sessions for standing with such pride. Several of my new favorite images of my work have been from the last two-three weeks. Huge thank you to all the the women that helped me create such beautiful, meaningful, artwork.


And of course, there was entertainment! At one of the group sessions, not one, but TWO campers pulled up, literally out of the middle of nowhere, ready to crash the party!  Photos By Phelicia-6725 copy

2 thoughts on “Group Breastfeeding Sessions

  1. These are breathtakingly beautiful. I love your eye! It would be hard to pick a favorite – but that little one with the huge smile as she fed was so adorable. Some of the moments captured will be wonderful for the moms to have this time preserved forever.

    • Thank you for the kind words, Theresa! These (and birth photography) are my favorite to capture! I love the bond 🙂

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