Finding My Destiny as a Birth Photographer and Doula

Sometimes things are just meant to be. This was one of those times.

My interest in birth photography was growing and when I saw on a mommy group that someone was having a home water birth, I asked if she wanted a photographer. This was on a Thursday night. We met for coffee on Friday, and by midnight Saturday night, she texted me saying she having contractions! Of all the places for her to live in the valley, she lived a mile down the road. We had joked at coffee how our meeting was meant to be. Little did we know how true that was!

At around 3:00am Sunday, she texted me saying she was sure this was labor. She casually told me to come whenever.  I was there in less than 15 minutes. When I got there she was able to talk to me a little between contractions. Her mom and husband started setting up the tub for her and contractions started picking up.

Her mom was on the phone with the midwife, who was en route. I could tell things were progressing quickly. The rest happened so fast, it still feels like it was a dream. I remember she was starting to worry because she knew it was time and her midwife wasn’t there. I kept reassuring her that she was doing great, her body knew exactly what to do. I was trying to show her different ways to cope with the contractions as they started coming quickly. Inside I was panicking a little but everything came naturally for both of us.

I was photographing the moment he was born when I saw the umbilical wrapped twice around his neck. Next thing I knew, my camera was down and I was almost in the tub, unwrapping the cord. I didn’t hesitate. Everything is a blur, it went so quickly.  It’s funny because, that’s why I am there- to capture the blur! Birth happens so fast, I love that I am able to freeze time for my clients to revisit that day.

I left that birth a completely changed person. I have had a passion for birth since my first pregnancy six years ago, I just wasn’t sure how to incorporate my passion into my profession.

Now I do  🙂

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