Breastfeeding in Public is a Woman’s Right

As you may have noticed, I wholeheartedly support breastfeeding. The idea that some people DON’T support it is crazy to me. I get that people have their own opinions on everything, but feeding babies should be welcomed, whether its from a breast or a bottle. I don’t go around bashing those who choose not to, as I know that some people choose formula for a number of reasons. The important thing to me is that THE BABY IS BEING FED!  So when people start making rude comments about how that baby is being fed, it bothers me.  I have been doing breastfeeding sessions for over a year and they are definitely some of my favorites. This was my second group photo on Fremont Street in Las Vegas. If you aren’t familiar with Fremont Street, let me tell you, you will see more skin on this strip of road than most places in Las Vegas- which says A LOT- and it the amount of skin shown while breastfeeding doesn’t compare to standard attire for most downtown!

Both of my breastfeeding sessions downtown have drawn a bit of a crowd. They both received a good amount of support and positive feedback from spectators. Along with the stares and gawks came encouragement from quite a few passerby’s. The last session I did, someone held up their drink and yelled “cheers!” to the breastfeeding mothers. Of course, there were people who acted like they couldn’t believe that was happening in front of them, but the amount of support trumped those folks. Yesterday, several people stopped to ask if we were protesting. My answer was always, “Nope! Just feeding babies!”.  It isn’t about protesting, it’s about educating the public regarding a woman’s right to breastfeed wherever, whenever!

My good friend Heather (of Heather Kimmel Photography) captured some behind the scenes shots of us setting up and shooting the most recent breastfeeding in public session. She was there to help me out and keep spectators in check. Some have no regard for personal space and will literally stand so close to me while I shoot (so they can get their own photos) that I can almost feel their breath on my neck.  Keep an eye out for those soon!

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  1. Thank you for letting me be a part of this!! The photos turned out amazing and I love the behind the scenes shots too. This has been a wonderful experience!!

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