Watch Me Photograph a Birth LIVE!

I am beyond thrilled to announce that you will have the opportunity to watch me photograph a birth LIVE!  Every birth is so unique and I take something different away each time. This upcoming birth is especially intriguing because it will be the first birth I will have witnessed while the mother is hypnotized! And lucky for YOU, she has decided to stream it LIVE so you can see something extraordinary too!

Erica’s husband, Marshall, is a hypnotist. They are inviting others to the home birth of their third baby to show a unique alternative to the many choices women have when it comes to birth. By sharing their story, they hope to empower women and their families and encourage them to explore their birth choices.

When I first met Erica, I was blown away by the amazing stories of her first two children, whom she birthed under hypnosis. I have heard of the use of hypnosis in birth, such as HypnoBabies and HypnoBirthing, but really didn’t know very much about either method, or about hypnosis in general really. Obviously after hearing how amazing her experiences have been, I had to dig in a little further. I asked around and found a couple of people who were familiar with hypnosis during labor and heard nothing but wonderful things from both women. Their stories only make me more excited to be able to photograph such an empowering moment for a woman and her family.

So, if you want to watch something fascinating and beautiful, keep an eye on my page for updates!  It will be any day!  I will post a link and more info as I receive it  🙂